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Ok, You Can Stop Hiding It's Gone

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You can stop hiding - it's gone now. Yes, my inexplicable need to complusively post my quiz results is gone. I promise. Like I said, I'm bored and it was something to do. Especially since the results were so interesting. If anyone puts any stock in quiz results, I guess now you know a little more about me. If not, you gotta admit the quiz results do brighten up my journal. It has such a drab background. You're probally thinking, "Gawd yes, it does. Why'd you pick it?" If you look at my very first entry, you can get a pretty good idea of my state of mind at the time and my state of mind was depressed. The delicate writing appealed to me and the plain background didn't offend me. Because depressed people really don't like cheery, happy colors. Cheery, happy colors seem really insencire and when you're feeling down insencirty really pisses you off. Ok, so now I'm starting to ramble a little, but I'm not completely focused so bear with me. But I haven't changed my background since then because I really kinda like it. So, hopefully that answers that. Ha, I'm talking to this boy on AIM right now that I met thanks to some drama started by my ever-instigating younger sister, but that's a WHOLE different story and I'm not SO bored that I really wanna tell it. But he thinks I'm smart and he asked if I as a philosopher. Ha! I hope to one day be so wise that people actually admire my ideas and consider them good enough to discuss, study, and implement. Yea rite, but frankly, I'm flattered. It's a real compliment. But whatever, he probably really thinks I'm a HUGE nerd, and is jus saying that because it's frickin' 2 o'clock in the morning and he's got no one else to talk to. Well, I'm going to go to sleep because tomrrow Jenee' and I are going to the mall and might catch that new scary movie coming out, what's it called? The one about the gamers who die in real life? Yeah, I just looked it up, It's called "Stay Alive". oOo, How spooky! Yeah, right. Lame title, hopefully the movie will be better.
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