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End of (Skool) Dayz

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It's the last day of school and I'm feeling pretty good. I finally woke up. I had my 2nd to last exam this morning and I keep falling asleep! I know, I'm so bad and I probably didn't do so well either. The last 1 (English) I accidentally didn't follow the directions which also probably hurt my grade. But at this point, I just want to chillax and clear my mind of stress and unpleasant thoughts. I just can't CAN NOT focus on that right now. I don't think I can handle thinking negative thoughts or worrying or predicting what (bad things) will happen. I got some ice cream, but because there was no strawberry, I didn't really eat it. I had planned to just get up the courage and ask "B" out. But of course the only time I saw him, he was already moving to his car and I started having a panic attack (I know, I know, how lame, right?). I just hope my summer is much better. I brought my digital camera and took lots of pics and since everyone kept bothering me about it, I've decided to create my first "album" on the website we're all addicted to. I had a pretty in-depth talk with Matt, the boy Jenee' has been obsessing over since the beginning of time. Personally, he's never been my type, you know I've never been that attracted to boys who ONLY seem to be attracted to white girls, and UGLY WHITE GIRLS at that. So, he was like, "Yeah, I know you be talking about me." SO, I shrugged and told him (as if it was the first time) about how annoying him and his taste is. He swore he wasn't into white girls anymore. Mmmhmm, we'll see how long that'll last. Jenee' and I sat out on the swings an had a really long talk mostly abut her feelings for Matt, the games he plays, and her issues with she-who-must-not-be-named. They've known each other forever and she-who-must-not-be-named has been a less than god friend, try a bitchy back-stabbing one. Well, my mom's here, so I guess I'll have to finsh this up later.
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