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The · Essence · of · My · Existence

Of Late

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Yeah, I haven't exactly written in here lately and I feel bad, but right now I'm still at school and I have a little free time so here goes. At this moment, what do I feel? Nothing, really. I feel a little drained of emotion and I'm starting to get in a bad mood, I can feel it. My mother is being a bitch, but what else is new, huh? On Sunday, I'll be meeting with the people at the girls' home for an interview. I'm still a little scared of going to live with a bunch of strangers, but my family (especially my mom and dad) are driving me crazy! They're so annoying. I'm still scared to talk to B and at this point, I can't help but feel discouraged. When will I just fucking grow up and go talk to him?! I'm frustrated, but really it's because tonight is the recognition dinner for George Washington Carver House, my favorite non-profit organization to volunteer with and like I said, I'm still at school and my mom is saying she MIGHT come at around 6:30 and I'm not sure, but I think the dinner starts at 6 o'clock or 6:30, so of course I'll be later - as usual. I hate her. School is coming to an end and I'm just trying my hardest not to slack off, so I can finish strong. I dunno about anything right now. I'm really not able to focus. I feel so restless. I'm listening to the radio on I-Tunes and I just want something to do. To feel occupied and to help my mind sort-of untangle and be able to see things clearly. I guess I'll write more later.
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