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The · Essence · of · My · Existence

Treated like a step-child...

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I'm so fucking tired! Tired of watching my parents shower my disobedient, self-absorbed, and cruel little sister with gifts when all I get is promises and speaches about how they're too poor to get me such and such. Damnit! It's not fair! And now anytime I talk about it, I just end up ranting and ranting because I just kept this all inside and now I'm struggling to keep myself from bursting into tears from exasperation. Right now, I'm pretty chill because I'm listening to a lil hip-hop on the radio and it's really helping to calm me down. Also, I found out the Advanced class I had to petition to get into (I'm already in the advanced feeder-class for it and the fact that I still had to petition to get in shows how much I was struggling in that class) has accepted me. That means BOTH the advanced classes I petitioned to get into accepted me! I'm so happy! My hand is starting to cramp and convulse because today and yesterday we had exams and I still have to take two more on Monday. My poor hand has had to write way too many essays in way too short a time. My sister's birthday was May 23rd and my parents gave her a dog and a handheld PSP. She already has a damn I-pod, while my ass is still wodering why the fuck I have to make due with a fucked up CD player my mom broke and then promised to replace (I have yet to see that promise fulfilled). *SIGH!* It's just not fair! My mom always used to say, "Life isn't fair" when I was little and would ask why they always gave my sister such and such and me practically nothing. Now, I guess she just figures I'm so worthless I don't even deserve that bullshit response; she doesn't even bother to answer me anymore. I've been asking for a dog for as long as I can remember and now my sister has gotten one, and the dog belongs to just her - no one else.
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